South Florida Access: Biden or Trump? The Social Dilemma, Models, DJ’s and arts (includes video story)

By  Monica Sofia LebroBrea JonesJulissa MederosKevin GonzalezCristina FelicianoAndrea V. GonzalezAna SolerValeria VenturiniYuselys SolisTaknighis Beauvoir and Paola Marcano-Bolivar –

South Florida Access is back with its fourth at-home episode. Valeria Venturini and Monica Lebro host “The Hot Minute,” early-voting edition. The duo asked a round of quick questions to voters about the upcoming election.

The modeling industry is not the same, according to model Gabriella Bongiovanni. From castings to interacting with models and agencies, Bongiovanni reflects on her career and how it has changed.

DJ Juice and DJ Epps talk about the hardships DJ’s have faced while dealing with COVID-19. While nightclubs and bars have yet to return to full operations and capacity in Miami, these DJ’s can’t wait to get back on stage and get the party going in the 305.

Michael Spring, director of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, touched base on the importance of artists. President and CEO of the Art & Business Council of Miami Laura Bruney mentioned the financial uncertainty. She also suggests the pandemic is an opportunity to reevaluate.

The “Social Dilemma,” a Netflix documentary, exposes and analyzes how social media affects society. Do you wonder about the damage scrolling and being on social media can do to you? Ixamar Palumbo, a social media specialist of the Latin Grammys and Dr. Samantha Mackson, a mental health expert at South Miami Psychology Group, give their opinions.

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Published for the South Florida Media Network on 10.27.2020

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