South Florida Access: Biden addresses nation, animal parks & stress relief during COVID

By Monica Sofia LebroAlejandra Garcia ElcoroBrea JonesPaola Marcano-BolivarKevin GonzalezValeria VenturiniTaknighis BeauvoirAna SolerYuselys SolisShane BrownJulissa Mederos and Andrea V. Gonzalez 

South Florida Access is back just as the 2020 election concludes and Joe Biden is announced president-elect.

Andrea V. Gonzalez brings you back home to South Florida, interviewing voters on election day about why they waited for the last minute to cast their ballots.

Then we move onto Jungle Island and another animal sanctuary, which were closed for months because of the pandemic. What do all those critters do when there are no visitors around? Valeria Venturini gives the scoop.

All these closures and election controversies after months of the pandemic have probably stressed you out. So you need to relax. But how? Reporter Paola Marcano-Bolivar introduces you to the Five Sisters store where you can get connected to yourself and the world through meditation, crystal healing and spirit guides.

Finally, Yuselys Solis interviews designer Stephanie Navarrete about high fashion and the environment. Who thought sustainability could be so beautiful?

Original article link:

Published for the South Florida Media Network on 11.09.2020

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