“This is really challenging, it’s a tough time right now” (includes video story)

By Paola Marcano-BolivarMonica Sofia LebroBrea Jones and Cristina Feliciano 

How much longer will it be until the streets of Brickell and Wynwood fill up with groups of people going from bar to club, piling up paper wristbands on their wrists and standing in long lines to enter a club or bar? 

COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the United States., making us question if this pandemic will cease any time soon and will allow us to return to normal. Miami, pretty well known for its party spirit, wonders how long this will take.

Miami music artists DJ Juice and DJ Epps talk about the hardships DJ’s have faced while dealing with COVID-19. While nightclubs and bars have yet to return to full capacity in the city, these DJ’s can’t wait to get back on stage and get the party going in the 305.

South Florida Access talked to these Miami influencers about their yet-to-happen full return to the party scene.

Original article link: http://sfmn.fiu.edu/this-is-really-challenging-its-a-tough-time-right-now-includes-video-story/

Published for the South Florida Media Network on 11.16.2020

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